Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: December, Vol.7, No.4, 1991

A Framework for Analyzing Categorical Survey Data with Nonresponse

Inference with Survey Weights

Cluster Analysis in International Comparisons

A Multivariate Time Series Analysis of Fertility, Adult Mortality, Nuptiality, and Real Wages in Sweden 1751–1850: A Comparison of Two Different Approaches

Census by Questionnaire – Census by Registers and Administrative Records: The Experience of Finland

A Comparison of the Missing-Data Treatments in the Post-Enumeration Program

Miscellanea, Natural Resource and Environmental Accounting in the National Accounts

In Other Journals, SURVEY METHODOLOGY, A Journal of Statistics Canada Volume 17, Number 1, June 1991

Special Note, Fourth Luxembourg Income Study Summer Workshop

Book Reviews

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