Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: December, Vol.3, No.4, 1987


Nonsampling Errors

Error Control in Surveys: Some Informal Remarks

Non-sampling Errors: Some Approaches Adopted in Major Government Surveys in Britain

Non-sampling Errors: Some Reflections

Quantifying Nonsampling Errors and Bias

How Do We Reduce Non-sampling Errors?

Types and Some Causes of Nonsampling Errors in Household Surveys in Africa

Some Markov-Chain Models for Nonresponse in Estimating Gross Labor Force Flows

Interval Estimation from Multiply-Imputed Data: A Case Study Using Census Agriculture Industry Codes

On the Design of Interpenetration Experiments for Categorical Data Items

Covariances of Measurement Errors in Survey Responses

Correction for Misclassification Using Doubly Sampled Data

Application of Spectral Analysis to Editing a Large Data Base

Measuring Drug Use Among Swedish Adolescents, Randomized Response Versus Anonymous Questionnaires

The Effect of Prepaid and Promised Incentives: Results of a Controlled Experiment

Miscellanea, The Educational Bias of Mail Questionnaires

Some Cognitive Aspects of Surveys

Letters to the Editor, Criteria for the Treatment of Nonresponse in Sample Surveys A reply to Bethlehem and Kersten (1985)

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