Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: June, Vol.27, No.2, 2011


Proxy Pattern-Mixture Analysis for Survey Nonresponse

Imputation and Estimation under Nonignorable Nonresponse in Household Surveys with Missing Covariate Information

An Analysis of Nonignorable Nonresponse to Income in a Survey with a Rotating Panel Design

Indicators for Monitoring and Improving Representativeness of Response

A Pseudo-GEE Approach to Analyzing Longitudinal Surveys under Imputation for Missing Responses

Effects of Increasing the Incentive Size in a Longitudinal Study

Attrition in the Swiss Household Panel: Is Change Associated with Drop-out?

Keeping Track of Panel Members: An Experimental Test of a Between-Wave Contact Strategy

Using Paradata and Other Auxiliary Data to Examine Mode Switch Nonresponse in a "Recruit-and-Switch" Telephone Survey

Interviewer Effects on Nonresponse in the European Social Survey

Toward a Benefit-Cost Theory of Survey Participation: Evidence, Further Tests, and Implications

Applying Motivation Theory to Achieve Increased Response Rates, Respondent Satisfaction and Data Quality

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