Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: June, Vol.26, No.2, 2010

Official Statistics in India: The Past and the Present

Changing from PAPI to CAPI: Introducing CAPI in a Longitudinal Study

Effects of Answer Space Size on Responses to Open-ended Questions in Mail Surveys

Experimental Studies of Disclosure Risk, Disclosure Harm, Topic Sensitivity, and Survey Participation

Tests of Multivariate Hypotheses when using Multiple Imputation for Missing Data and Disclosure Limitation

Issues in Survey Measurement of Chronic Disability: An Example from the National Long Term Care Survey

District-level Estimates of Institutional Births in Ghana: Application of Small Area Estimation Technique Using Census and DHS Data

Seasonality in Revisions of Macroeconomic Data

Comparison of X-12-ARIMA Trading Day and Holiday Regressors with Country Specific Regressors

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