Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: March, Vol.25, No.1, 2009

Model Averaging Methods for Weight Trimming in Generalized Linear Regression Models

The Use of Sample Weights in Hot Deck Imputation

Small Area Estimation in the Presence of Correlated Random Area Effects

Nonparametric Variance Estimation for Nearest Neighbor Imputation

On the Inter-Regional Mover Problem in Panel Household Surveys

Compensating for Noncoverage of Nontelephone Households in Random-Digit-Dialing Surveys: A Comparison of Adjustments Based on Propensity Scores and Interruptions in Telephone Service

Population Shifts and Demographic Methods

Privacy-Preserving Analysis of Vertically Partitioned Data Using Secure Matrix Products

Using a Weighted Average of Base Period Price Indexes to Approximate a Superlative Index

Book and Software Reviews

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