Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: March, Vol.22, No.1, 2006

Frequency Domain Analyses of SEATS and X-11/12-ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment Filters for Short and Moderate-Length Time Series

Variance Estimation by Jackknife Method Under Two-Phase Complex Survey Design

Estimating the Undercoverage of a Sampling Frame Due to Reporting Delays

Raking Ratio Estimation: An Application to the Canadian Retail Trade Survey

Survey Estimation Under Informative Nonresponse with Follow-up

An Analysis of the Relationship Between Survey Burden and Nonresponse: If We Bother Them More, Are They Less Cooperative?

How the United States Measures Well-being in Household Surveys

Statistical Matching for Categorical Data: Displaying Uncertainty and Using Logical Constraints


Book and Software Reviews

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