Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: December, Vol.21, No.4, 2005

Optimal Dynamic Sample Allocation Among Strata

Evaluation of Variance Approximations and Estimators in Maximum Entropy Sampling with Unequal Probability and Fixed Sample Size

Implications for RDD Design from an Incentive Experiment

On the Bias in Gross Labour Flow Estimates Due to Nonresponse and Misclassification

Adjustments for Missing Data in a Swedish Vehicle Speed Survey

Conditional Ordering Using Nonparametric Expectiles

Data Swapping as a Decision Problem

An Analysis of Interviewer Effects on Screening Questions in a Computer Assisted Personal Mental Health Interview

Price Indexes for Elementary Aggregates: The Sampling Approach

Children and Adolescents as Respondents. Experiments on Question Order, Response Order, Scale Effects and the Effect of Numeric Values Associated with Response Options

Measuring Progress - An Australian Travelogue

Quality on Its Way to Maturity: Results of the European Conference on Quality and Methodology in Official Statistics (Q2004)

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