Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: June, Vol.20, No.2, 2004


Iterative, Multiple-Method Questionnaire Evaluation Research: A Case Study

Calendar and Question-List Survey Methods: Association Between Interviewer Behaviors and Data Quality

A Questionnaire Design for Dependent Interviewing that Addresses the Problem of Cognitive Satisficing

TADEQ: A Tool for the Documentation and Analysis of Electronic Questionnaires

Relating Respondent-Generated Intervals Questionnaire Design to Survey Accuracy and Response Rate

Developing Bilingual Questionnaires: Experiences from New Zealand in the Development of the 2001 Mäori Language Survey

The Time-line as a Device to Enhance Recall in Standardized Research Interviews: A Split Ballot Study

Using Vignettes in Cognitive Research on Establishment Surveys

Pre-printing Effects in Official Statistics: An Experimental Study

Exploring Confidentiality Issues Related to Dependent Interviewing: Preliminary Findings

How Good is Good? Comparing Numerical Ratings of Response Options for Two Versions of the Self-Assessed Health Status Question

Identifying and Reducing Response Burdens in Internet Business Surveys

Book and Software Reviews

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