Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: December, Vol.10, No.4, 1994

The Relative Empirical Validity of Dependent and Independent Data Collection in a Panel Survey

Variance Estimation for the Regression Imputed Horvitz-Thompson Estimator

A Method for Variance Estimation of Non-Linear Functions of Totals in Surveys – Theory and Software Implementation

Reweighting and Variance Estimation for the Characteristics of Business Owners Survey

Optimal Winsorizing Cutoffs for a Stratified Finite Population Estimator

Significance Editing in the Australian Survey of Average Weekly Earnings

Miscellanea, Automated Coding of Census Data

Special Note, Announcement, LIS Scandinavian/European Workshop

Book Review


Editorial Collaborators

Index to Volume 10, 1994, Contents of Volume 10 Numbers 1–4, Articles, see Author Index, Letter to the Editor 103, In Other Journals 109, 221, 347, Special note 465, Book Reviews 225, 349, 467 (Index 477), Corrigendum 469, Editorial Collaborators 471

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