Journal of Official Statistics

Journal of Official Statistics


Contents of  Issue: June, Vol.1, No.2, 1985

Questionnaire Design Activities in Government Statistics Offices

Some Important Issues in Questionnaire Development

Laboratory and Field Response Research Studies for the 1980 Census of Population in the United States

Testing/Assessing Question Quality – Some Swedish Experiences

Informal Testing as A Means of Questionnaire Development

Flow Charts: A Tool for Developing and Understanding Survey Questionnaires

Questionnaire Design With Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

A Comparative Study of Field and Office Coding

Miscellanea, Questionnaire Measurement of Drinking Behaviour in Sample Surveys

Telescoping: The Skeleton in the Recent Reading Closet

Special Notes, Cognitive Aspects of Surveys, Approaches to Developing Questionnaires

Special Notes, U.S. Census Bureau Holds First Annual Research Conference, The 38th Annual Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques

Special Notes, Announcements from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics

Book Reviews

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