Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.9, No.3, 1993. pp. 623639

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Case Management and Communications for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

This paper presents a brief history, current assessment, and occasional future vision of CAPI case management and communications as employed in national, household surveys. It is based both on the authors' experience at the U.S. Census Bureau and on reports from the broader CAPI community. While traditional methods of transmitting survey materials continue in use, telecommunications are increasingly relied on for transmission of CAPI interviewing assignments, survey data, dispositions, and questionnaire changes. This trend is encouraged by technical solutions to issues in the confidentiality, data integrity, computer security, and cost effectiveness of telecommunications. The evolution of CAPI case management systems at both the interviewer and the central office levels also is progressing rapidly as these systems increase in functionality and sophistication. These advances may significantly change both the operation and future capabilities of household interview surveys.

Computer assisted interviewing; CAPI; data communications; case management; household interview surveys.

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