Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.9, No.1, 1993. pp. 8190

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gred: Interactive Graphical Editing for Business Surveys

Despite the prevalence of software for interactive data analysis, current survey processing systems have made limited use of graphics. We believe graphical editing methods show great promise when applied to business and economic surveys. The use of graphics in the context of editing has the potential to improve timeliness and provide greater insight into the data.

At the New Zealand Department of Statistics (NZDoS), we have developed the "gred" system for interactive graphical editing of survey data. gred is designed to be used in the macroediting stage of the survey processing cycle. While the use of gred is still at an early stage, it shows promise for both general survey monitoring by mathematical statisticians and macroediting by subject matter specialists.

Interactive graphics; macroediting; exploratory data analysis.

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