Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.9, No.1, 1993. pp. 6574

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Environmental-Economic Comprehensive Accounting (UGR)– A New Tool for Decisions in Environmental Policies –

The main objective of Environmental-Economic Comprehensive Accounting by the Federal Statistical Office is to quantitatively cover the condition of the environment and its development and to present these data in connection with economic activities. The major elements of the basic concept are: measuring the removal of resources, covering the emission of substances, their disposal and destination, and the situation of emissions, covering by sectors the measures and expenditure concerning environmental protection as well as presenting selected uses of the environment as a location. A research programme has been defined according to the information fields of the UGR; the first projects are being carried out at present.

An overall valuation in monetary terms and the computation of an "ecological national product" are objectives that cannot be achieved for the time being; for this reason, they are not in the centre of the activities of the Federal Statistical Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Environmental protection; natural resources; emissions; immissions; environmental expenditure; monitoring; GIS; sustainability; physical indicators.

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