Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.9, No.1, 1993. pp. 137167

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The European Community and Its Statistical System

The European Community is in the process of setting up its statistical system, which is made up of two groups of bodies: those responsible for statistics for the Community as a whole (chiefly Eurostat) and those responsible for statistics at national level (chiefly the National Statistical Institutes and the Central Banks). This article, written by a senior Eurostat official working at the heart of the Community statistical system, describes the cooperation mechanisms which have developed between all the components of the system. Eurostat is the main force behind this system: it puts forward proposals for common standards and harmonized surveys, which are then discussed and approved by all the countries.

The role of these programmes extends beyond the Community. The EFTA countries have decided to work with the Community to create the European Economic Area, and EFTA statisticians are working very closely with their Community counterparts to create a common statistical area.

Eurostat also plays a fundamental role in statistical cooperation with countries with emerging market economies and with developing countries.

Eurostat; Statistical Programme Committee; harmonization; cooperation; Intrastat.

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