Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.8, No.2, 1992. pp. 201210

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Interviewer Reactions to Alternative Hardware for Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing

This paper describes the results of laboratory-based tests examining interviewers' expectations and attitudes towards computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), and their performance on four portable microcomputers differing in weight and mode of data entry (keyboard versus pad). This paper focuses specifically on the use of CAPI for interviews conducted while the interviewer is standing. Interviewers completed a series of tasks designed to determine what weight they could reasonably carry and/or hold in the course of their work. A series of mock CAPI interviews was conducted to measure performance using each of the computers. Finally, reactions to various features/components of the machines and feelings regarding the possible implementation of CAPI were obtained in a debriefing interview.

CAPI; laptop vs. handheld computer; keyboard vs. pad data entry; microcomputer ergonomics; interviewer expectations.

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