Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.7, No.3, 1991. pp. 311323

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The Heligman-Pollard Formula as a Tool for Expanding an Abridged Life Table

Proposed in this paper is a new method of computing a complete life table from an abridged one. An estimation procedure is demonstrated for calculating the one-year probabilities of dying from the five-year ones given in an abridged life table. This question is primarily of great interest when the abridged life table is the only one that can be constructed on the basis of available empirical mortality data in a given country. The main tool of our expansion technique is the Heligman-Pollard formula. An evaluation of this technique and comparisons with two other expansion techniques are also provided here. Used for these purposes are Swedish national mortality data for the period 1976–1980 and for both sexes.

Age pattern of mortality; probability of dying; interpolation formulae.

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