Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.7, No.1, 1991. pp. 93103

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Miscellanea, A Swedish Classification Into Social Classes Based on Census Information and Comparable to The British Classification – A Proposal

The Registrar General's (RG) Social Class Classification of the population in England and Wales is frequently quoted in the international sociological and epidemiological literature. We present here an attempt to classify the Swedish population according to the Registrar General's Social Classes. The main purpose of this is to facilitate cross-national comparisons of health statistics, in particular between Sweden and Britain. The classification was applied to all men and women who were economically active and born in Sweden between 1896 and 1940. Information on social and demographic characteristics was obtained from the 1960 census. The 1960 census was chosen because it has been linked to several medical registers such as the Cancer Registry for the Cause of Death Registry for the two decades after 1960.

Social class; mortality; census.

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