Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.5, No.2, 1989. pp. 157169

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Developing Statistics in China

Most notable in the brief historical review is a population count of 60 million in 2 A.D., and censuses in 1953 and 1964. A widespread statistical reporting system was organized after Liberation in 1949, but underwent abuse and vicissitudes during the 20 years following 1957. In 1978 the current period of development began under the leadership of the State Statistical Bureau (SSB), based on the “regular statistical forms,” and increasingly on sample surveys. The 1982 Population Census of 1,000 million was a landmark for the SSB (assisted by United Nations agencies). Current sample surveys by the SSB include an Annual Survey of Births and Population, urban and rural household budget surveys, surveys of agricultural yields, and fertility surveys with the ISI. Fertility surveys of 1/1000 in 1982 and 2/1000 in 1988 were taken by the Family Planning Commission. Among others, note surveys of public opinion in 40 cities.

Population registers; population censuses; sample surveys.

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