Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.4, No.2, 1988. pp. 141154

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Data Collection With Hand-held Computers: Contributions to Questionnaire Design

The newly designed Netherlands Labour Force Survey is conducted with hand-held computers on a continuous basis from January 1987. In March 1986 hand-held computers were tested in a pilot study; over 1 400 respondents from 700 households were interviewed. The test confirmed earlier findings that hand-held computers are accepted without any problems by interviewers as well as interviewees. Consistency checks were specified in some parts of the questionnaire. Inconsistencies had to be corrected by the interviewer. The quality of the questionnaire can be assessed by observing the interviewer's corrections and their paging backwards in the questionnaire (these manipulations were recorded by the computer). Inconsistencies remaining in the data when the interview was completed also suggest how the questionnaire can be improved.

Data editing; questionnaire design; CAPI; CATI; survey research.

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