Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.25, No.1, 2009. pp. 6376

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On the Inter-Regional Mover Problem in Panel Household Surveys

When a panel household survey is used for cross-sectional analysis, certain weighting and variance calculation issues may arise because of inter-regional moves of selected individuals during the lifetime of the panel. This article points out these difficulties and deals with them in conjunction with the application of the weight share method, which assigns a proper cross-sectional sampling weight to movers and cohabitants. In particular, the weight share method applied separately to each region is explored as an effective means for handling the inter-regional mover problem. The comparative merits of this alternative approach are assessed under various panel household survey designs, and suggestions are made for a suitable approach in each case.

Cross-sectional estimation, cohabitants, longitudinal household, geographic stratification, weight share method

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