Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.2, No.4, 1986. pp. 555560

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Suggestions for the Application of Advanced Technology in Canadian Collection Operations

Census taking in the 1990s will have to meet the challenges posed by a number of different and sometimes conflicting goals. Those who sponsor censuses are interested in reducing costs via a reduction in labour intensive procedures and activities. Other kinds of pressures come from the respondents themselves who demand that their needs and concerns be accomodated to. Technological advances will facilitate our data collection, personnel training, field monitoring, and processing activities and, we hope, will foster good relations with respondents.

When considering implementing a given technology, one must consider its impact on costs and data quality, and the time needed for development and extensive testing. This paper reviews a number of options and points out areas of interest for future censuses.

Technological advances; data collection; hand-held computers; enumerator training; training effectiveness; respondent relations.

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