Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.24, No.1, 2008. pp. 99113

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Survey Experiences and Later Survey Attitudes,Intentions and Behaviour

Three random samples (n=693, participation rate 72%) were studied from a Swedish survey on surveys, called ASSETS: (1) A sample of previous respondents in a panel telephone survey (LFS sample), (2) a sample of previous respondents in a comprehensive personal interview survey (SLC sample), and (3) a sample from the general population (comparison group). Broadly speaking, neither positive nor negative effects of participating in LFS were demonstrated, except that the LFS sample had a higher response rate in ASSETS than the comparison group, but this might partly be explained by the LFS sample not being a random sample from the general population since they were all respondents in a previous survey. Participating in the SLC appeared, on average, to have changed certain survey attitudes and intentions in a negative way. These effects applied first and foremost to those who reported pressure to take part in the SLC. It is suggested that pressing respondents to participate in an extensive survey might produce negative attitudes to future surveys, and that this might contribute to a deterioration of the survey climate.

Survey climate; nonresponse; refusal; attitude; response burden.

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