Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.23, No.3, 2007. pp. 345370

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Summary of Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation for the U.S. Census 2000

The U.S. Census Bureau evaluated how well Census 2000 counted the population by conducting a coverage measurement survey known as the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation Survey (A.C.E.). The Census Bureau considered adjusting the Census 2000 population total of 281,421,906 to correct for coverage error on three occasions, but each time decided not to adjust. The evaluations and analyses for the decisions revealed surprises about Census 2000 and leave a legacy that will influence census-taking and coverage evaluation methods for some time to come. The final estimates from A.C.E., the revision known as A.C.E. Revision II, estimated the percent net undercount to be −0.5 percent (a net overcount of 1.3 million). This article gives an overview of the methodology used to estimate the error in the coverage of Census 2000, presents the estimates, and discusses the quality of the A.C.E. Revision II estimates.

Undercount, overcount, dual system estimation

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