Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.21, No.3, 2005. pp. 505–515

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Official Statistics in Hungary Before Full Membership in the EU

The objective of this article is to highlight the main problems faced by Hungarian statistics at the gateway of the EU accession. The majority of these problems are characteristic for the majority of the candidate countries, too.

The article puts great emphasis on the role of the comparative databases and the data warehouse put to operation in 2001, on the collection of regional data and distribution of regional information, comparability of time series based on GDP–GNI, and on the problem of data revision.

In the 21st century the relationship between official statistics and users acquired a new function.

After describing the situation, the article concludes with suggestions regarding further directions of development.

Regional statistics, statistical problems of new EU members, statistics of multinational companies, changes in the foreign trade statistics, public sector activities

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