Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.21, No.2, 2005. pp. 257286

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Automatic Edit and Imputation for Business Surveys: The Dutch Contribution to the EUREDIT Project

Statistics Netherlands participated in the EUREDIT project, a large international research and development project on statistical data editing and imputation that lasted from March 2000 till February 2003. The main goals of this project were the development and evaluation of new and currently used methods for data editing and imputation. In this article we describe the general approach applied by Statistics Netherlands on the two business surveys used in the EUREDIT project. In the EUREDIT project data for only one year were available. In our edit and imputation methods we therefore could not use data from a previous year and had to restrict ourselves to using only data from the data set to be edited and imputed itself. We also describe the development of our edit and imputation strategy and give results supporting the choices we have made. Finally, we provide results of our approach on the two evaluation data sets, and compare these results to the results of the other institutes participating in EUREDIT.

Automatic editing, consistency, deductive imputation, error localisation, hot-deck imputation, Fellegi-Holt paradigm, multivariate regression imputation, nearest neighbour hot-deck imputation, random errors, ratio hot-deck imputation, systematic errors

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