Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.21, No.1, 2005. pp. 121135

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Underpinning the E-Business Framework: Defining E-Business Concepts and Classifying E-Business Indicators

This article describes intermediate results of the CBS/VU project "E-business, ICT and Statistics." The main result is a methodology for classifying indicators used to measure e-commerce and e-business. This methodology, the e-business effect matrix, consolidates developments around the widely used OECD framework of readiness, intensity and impact. The proposed framework visualizes the whole spectrum of e-business effects and can thus be used to categorize e-business indicators.

Furthermore, this article combines material on e-business and e-commerce definitions from statistical and scientific sources into a framework for defining e-business. This framework conceptually distinguishes e-commerce from e-business and can be used in discussions on standardization of definitions used to inquire e-business.

E-commerce, E-business, business processes, organisation structures, efficiency, productivity

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