Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.19, No.2, 2003. pp. 177199

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Score Functions to Reduce Business Survey Editing at the U.K. Office for National Statistics

A score function associates a number to each item response. The function indicates the relative importance of allocating manual resources to review responses, thereby allowing the survey analyst to prioritise editing efforts. By applying different score functions to the Monthly Inquiry for the Distribution and Services Sector the article discusses how to measure the effectiveness of a score function, and what it is that makes this method effective at reducing manual editing. One finding is that the effectiveness of the technique is rather insensitive to the type of score function. In many situations it is useful to specify a threshold that splits the responses into two groups where manual editing is directed at responses with scores above the threshold. The article suggests a simple graphical tool that allows the analyst to assess the threshold.

Selective editing; estimate-related; edit-related; threshold; progress graph.

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