Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.18, No.2, 2002. pp. 185202

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Maximizing and Minimizing Overlap When Selecting Any Number of Units per Stratum Simultaneously for Two Designs with Different Stratifications

A number of procedures have been developed, beginning with the work of Keyfitz, for maximizing or minimizing the overlap of sampling units for two stratified designs. Certain overlap procedures have been developed for use when the two samples may be selected simultaneously. They generally produce a better overlap than procedures developed for sequential selection applications or are computationally more efficient. We present here a simultaneous overlap procedure developed from two previous overlap procedures of Ernst. One of these procedures is applicable when the stratifications for the two designs may be different, but is restricted to one unit per stratum designs. The other procedure has no restrictions on the number of sample units per stratum, but requires that the designs have identical stratifications. The new procedure does not have the restrictions of the previous procedures; that is, there are no restrictions on the number of sample units per stratum, nor is there a requirement that the two designs have identical stratifications. This procedure, like the two previous procedures, produces an optimal overlap and requires the solution of a sequence of transportation problems.

Stratified designs; transportation problems; optimal.

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