Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.18, No.1, 2002. pp. 6185

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Generalised Fisher Price Indexes and the Use of Scanner Data in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Statistics Netherlands intends to use scanner data provided by retailers in compiling the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This has two important advantages. First, taking a sample of items to estimate the commodity group price index for a particular type of outlet becomes unnecessary. Second, the Laspeyres-type index formula currently applied can be replaced by an index formula that is better suited for handling dynamic aspects such as commodity substitution and the introduction of new goods. This article suggests the use of a so-called generalised Fisher price index, based on a set of goods that is variable but overlapping over time. It contains prices of new and disappearing goods that cannot be observed directly and that should be imputed. The relation with quality adjustment procedures is addressed as well.

Consumer price index; imputation; new goods; quality adjustment; substitution.

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