Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.15, No.4, 1999. pp. 551586

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Internal Migration: What Data are Available in Europe?

The article discusses selected theoretical problems of measuring and collecting data on internal migration. It reports on the results of a survey of the National Statistical Offices of the member states of the Council of Europe, in which information was gathered on the kinds of internal migration data available. Summary tables contain a wealth of information about the nature of data on the internal migration produced by Council of Europe member states, using a migration cube framework developed by Rees and Willekens (1986). A key finding of the survey is that there is a great deal of detailed data on migration within countries that could be used to produce a comparative set of measures of migration. Of the 28 countries surveyed, one-half produced migration data mainly from Registers, while four countries relied principally on the Census as a source for internal migration information. Six countries reported that internal migration could be derived from both Registers and Censuses. Two countries depended on a comprehensive survey of migration, while another two used a mixture of Census information and a sample survey. The special features of internal migration data are outlined in Section 3.

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