Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.15, No.3, 1999. pp. 449–463

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Should Stores Be Open on Sunday? The Impact of Sunday Opening on the Retail Trade Sector in New Brunswick

Should stores be open on Sunday? This is a current issue for Canadians as the de-regulation of shopping hours is, depending on the province, either a recent phenomenon or being considered. This article focuses on the case of Sunday opening in the retail trade sector in New Brunswick and highlights some important aspects of that matter. One issue is whether Sunday opening of retail outlets increases total sales. A second issue is whether Sunday opening causes a redistribution of sales between trade groups in the retail trade sector. A third is whether Sunday opening causes a redistribution of the sales among the days of the week. These questions are answered using intervention analysis and trading-day regression. For the modelling of the latter, this article presents an alternative technique.

Easter effect; trading-day variations; intervention analysis; Fourier transform.

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