Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.15, No.3, 1999. pp. 431448

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Effects of Composite Weights on Some Estimates from the Current Population Survey

We examine the effect of a new composite estimation method on estimates from the Current Population Survey, the U.S. labor force survey. Currently, the AK composite estimator is applied directly for each characteristic of interest. To ensure consistency, the same coefficients are used for all estimates, though they are optimal only for unemployment totals. The new method involves two steps: (1) compute composite estimates for the main labor force categories, classified by important demographic characteristics; (2) through a series of ratio adjustments, adjust the micro-data weights to agree with these composite estimates. The new technique provides increased operational simplicity for micro-data users and allows optimization of compositing coefficients for different labor force categories. We discuss the effect of the procedure on a large number of estimates produced from the survey.

Raking ratio estimation; AK estimator; labor force estimates.

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