Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.14, No.1, 1998. pp. 3146

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Space/Time Variations and Rolling Samples

Variations over spatial domains, like provinces, and over other domains, have gradually received some attention recently in sample designs. Similar problems are now considered in multinational designs also. However the variations in the temporal dimensions have been neglected and judgmental choice of reference periods for surveys and censuses is still the prevalent tradition. But probability selections should also be considered for time variations. Censuses yield spatial detail, but not temporal detail; and small area estimation is only a partial, imperfect answer for postcensal estimates. Cumulation of data from periodic surveys, existing or needed, is proposed as the method for dealing with these needs for spatial/temporal details. Furthermore "rolling samples' should be designed to yield these data. These general concepts need technical and specialized expertise to make them feasible and acceptable.

Periodic surveys; panels; rolling samples; small domain estimates; annual censuses.

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