Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.13, No.1, 1997. pp. 118

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Who Lives Here? Survey Undercoverage and Household Roster Questions

We carried out an experimental comparison of three versions of questions for enumerating the residents of a dwelling. One version took the approach that is used in many surveys: it began by asking respondents to name all persons living at the dwelling. The experimental versions began by asking how many persons had spent the previous night at the dwelling and used other probes to complete the roster. The two experimental versions differed only in that one version did not require persons to be listed by their full names, allowing respondents to use initials or nicknames instead. A total of 509 interviews were completed, about a third of them with each version of the questionnaire. The results indicated that both experimental versions of the roster questions yielded more persons per household than the standard version; however, only the version that did not require full names yielded more persons identified as usual residents of the dwelling.

Roster; undercoverage; usual residence.

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