Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.12, No.3, 1996. pp. 301316

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Changes in Interview Setting Under CAPI

This article explores the effect of the change from paper and pencil interviewing to computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) in the U.S. Current Population Survey (CPS) on the setting of the survey interview, and the effect of this change on data quality and costs. The change to CAPI has had a large effect on the number of doorstep interviews conducted in CPS. The choice of interview setting is found to vary systematically by interviewer, householder and (to a lesser extent) environmental characteristics. In addition, doorstep interviews (those conducted with the interviewer standing, outdoors, and using a battery for the laptop computer) are associated with poorer quality data, but are shorter in duration than indoor seated interviews. The implications of these findings for nonresponse and response error and costs are discussed.

CAPI; data quality; interview setting; survey data collection.

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