Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.12, No.3, 1996. pp. 241251

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Cross-Classified Sampling

From a finite, two-dimensional population a sample of rows and a sample of columns are drawn independently. A sample from the two-dimensional population is formed by cross-classifying these samples. We call this procedure cross-classified sampling (CCS). This article is concerned with the problem of calculating the variance of estimators based on CCS samples. A general variance decomposition is presented. This decomposition leads to our main result, which simplifies the variance derivation when the one-dimensional samples are (separately) stratified. Finally, we apply the general results to the special case with the Horvitz-Thompson estimator in unequal probability sampling. The results in this article have been used to derive variance estimators for the Swedish Consumer Price Index.

Two-dimensional sampling; variance decomposition; variance estimation; Consumer Price Index.

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